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Dear Survivors of Sex Trafficking and / or Community Social Service Sector,

Re: Seeking members for Sex Trafficked Survivor Advisory Committee

The project “Sex Trafficking Awareness Visuals and Training Materials Targeting Oppressed Female-Identified Young Persons” aims to use powerful images and creative teaching modalities to dismantle the myths about sex trafficking. We want to humanize sex trafficking and the act of seeking support. The project aims to build increased awareness of sex trafficking process and safety resources amongst at-risk female-identified, Indigenous, Black, Trans, from/in care young persons, caregivers and service providers.

The acronym SAFTY was chosen for the project, intentionally with the letter E left out, to denote that there is no one size fits all safety measure and that safety should be unique to the individual. With harm-reduction, you need to be creative with means, especially while active exploitation may still be occurring. SAFTY also implies that there are no promises or guarantees to safety, only that those helping will do everything to assist victims to meet their needs.

Materials will be aimed towards youth, who are at risk, and living within alternative life spaces such as outreach settings, out of home care systems (group homes, justice centres) and virtual spaces. The project is funded by the Public Safety Canada’s Contribution to Combat Serious and Organized Crime Grant and the resulting products are intended to be available online, at no cost.

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We are seeking to build a seven member Survivor Advisory Committee (SAC) to oversee the project’s development and ensure it comes from an informed place of lived experience. The SAC will be led by SAFTY research project supporter, sex trafficking survivor and Victim Services of Durham Region Crisis Intervention Counsellor , Karly Church,

Each member of the SAC would receive $50/hour honorarium as well as, if required, travel coverage ($0.40/km). Members would need to commit to approximately four, two hour sessions, in fiscal years 2022-2023 plus an additional 7 hours of material review time in 2023.

The SAC would provide guidance and, at times direction, on each of the four phases of the research steps:

  • Service Provider Focus Groups
  • Survivor and/or Survivor Led Service Provider, two hour, recorded, In-Depth Interview
  • Survivor and/or Survivor Led Service Provider Co-created Portraits
  • Pilot of Educational Materials to female-identified young persons most at risk for sex trafficking, their caregivers, and/or potential service providers.

Please see the attached draft Terms of Reference for specifics; the document and the name of the committee itself would be finalized by the SAC.

To apply, please email prior to the deadline of July 31st, 2022 and provide the following:

Statement of Interest*Be sure to include:

  • Describe your identity as a Sex Trafficked Survivor
  • Explain the reasons for wanting to participate in the oversight of this particular project
  • What about your background, such as personal diversity/any intersectionality, education and/or experience, makes you a good candidate for this SAC position?
  • Two reference letters, supporting your candidacy
  • Assets: lived experience, relevant to project experience doing research, have facilitated Sex Trafficking programming worked with a variety creative modalities post-secondary education and/or relevant certifications

If selected, based on do-no-harm principles, candidates will first need to provide the following prior to being approved as an SAC member:

  • clinical reference for readiness to mentor others and/or positive clinical reference from a well- known survivor/survivor-lead agency and/or proof of employment working with those who are sex trafficked (at least 12 consecutive months) Note: This/these documents will only be viewed by the Primary Investigator of the project and then a letter of attestation will be signed by the PI and SAC member. Original documents will be returned to the SAC member or destroyed by the PI after screening requirements are met.
  • sign an declaration indicating that they are a Sex Trafficked Survivor

The primary investigator and consultant as well as their research assistants will not be involved in SAC member selection confirmation. A small committee of stakeholder supporters will be responsible for this task, using a predetermined set of criteria. Should there be any ties in scoring, interviews will be conducted to determine the successful candidate.

Expected outcomes of the project include but are not limited to:

-Participating sex trafficking survivors report feeling empowered.

-Qualitative analysis of survivors’ experiences captured in published research papers.

-Creation of young person-friendly awareness visuals that are available in English, French, Anishinaabemowin, Ojibway, Chinese and Punjabi.

-Increased awareness of sex trafficking process and safety resources amongst at-risk female-identified, Indigenous, Black, Trans, from/in care young persons, caregivers and service providers.

-Decreased Eastern regional numbers of under 18 years, sex trafficked female-identified diverse young persons.

We would appreciate it if you would share this letter, draft Terms of Reference, and poster advertisement to your networks and thank you ahead of time for consideration of this project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Primary Investigator, Heather Sago, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW, CYC-P
Fleming College, Child and Youth Care Program Coordinator/Faculty.
Contact details: (705) 749 - 5530 ext. 1872 ,

Key Consultant, Heather Doughty
Heather Doughty Photography and The Women’s Inspire Project.
Contact details: (705) 957-0808,